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A singer and song writer. Many argue that Hendrix was one of the most influential electric guitarist in the history of popular music, thanks to his off the wall techniques and distinctive vocals. Born in Seattle Washington to a less than functional family Hendrix had a hard childhood, due to both parents struggling with alcohol addiction and an unstable home environment. But he never let that distract him from the music at the young age of 15 he picked up the guitar for the first time. He looked to American rock and roll and electric blues for music inspiration, he tended to gravitate toward the amplifiers with high volume and gain, which helped in popularizing the amplifier feedback sound in music. According to a readers poll done by Rolling Stone his top ten songs in order are:

10. Castles Made of Sand.

9. Red House.

8. Hey Joe.

7. Bold as Love.

6. The Wind Cries Mary.

5. Purple Haze.

4. Machine Gun.

3. All Along the Watchtower.

2. Little wing.

1. Voodoo Child (Slight Return).


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