Four more days until Halloween!

Four more days until Halloween!

With only four days left until Halloween it's only fitting we school you in the sweet lesson of chocolate and peanut butter, known as the Reese's cup! This sweet little treat is the fourth most popular candy for handing out at Halloween. This famous cup was created by Harry Burnett Reese after working at the Hershey's factory for a while he realized the earning potential that candy can be. When the facility closed in 1919 he found himself unemployed, he went on to try and open his own company which flopped and he found himself back at the Hershey's plant. After experimenting in his basement he came across the combination that created the Reese's cup (and yes it is named after him). That's the sweet story on how this treat came to be!

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  • Sophia

    This story is a classic and has been redone in so many favorite tv shows and movies. To think how big of an impact some chocolate could make!

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