On this day in music history.

This day in music history -

On this day in music history.

On this day in 1972 after nearly five years of dating Priscilla and Elvis Presley decided to finally call it quits. Priscilla moved out of his California home and into her own apartment to live her own life. When asked by Loose Women in November 2016 the then 71 year old actress opened up about her marriage to a super star. Saying he never really wanted to go out because no matter where he went he would always have people taking pictures of him, being photographed with a fork in your mouth wasn't how he wanted to be seen. This lead to the couple staying in a lot where they would often watch movies and listen to music that Elvis preferred. Being that they meet at such a young age this meant that Priscilla felt she never really got to live her own life, she felt she was living Elvis's life. So after five years she signed the papers and made it official, she was off to write her own story.


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