Only one day till Halloween!

Only one day till Halloween!

This is not a drill, only one day left until Halloween!! So with out further ado, this year it would seem that Skittles are America’s all time favorite candy for handing out to all the little witches and ghosts. With good reason to, this bright colored sweet to eat treat packs a punch of flavor in every piece. But a pack of Skittle’s actually contains around 25% of the recommended vitamin C consumption for the average adult? So now with each piece you eat you can feel slightly better about yourself. Did you know if you leave a Skittle to sit in water the small “S” will float off? Apparently this is due to the edible glue wearing off of the crunchy otter shell, that protects that ooey gooey goodness on the inside. Speaking of S’s during the creation process at the very final part, there are people checking every few hundred Skittles to ensure quality control. Considering not a lot of things can go wrong well making a small sphere with an “S” on it, that’s all they check for if there isn’t an “S” they simply will crush the whole batch and dispose of them. 

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  • Sophia

    Think of all the skittles that go to waste! I do have to admit that Wild Berry Skittles are my all time favorite candy, so I guess I don’t have to feel so bad about eating an entire bag at once.

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