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In Chicagoland? Shop one of our stores! We are open!
Zodiac Collection- VIRGO mini stone pack

Zodiac Collection- VIRGO mini stone pack

Virgos are Earth signs whose birthdays fall between the dates of August 23- September 22. The Virgo mini stone pack from the Zodiac collection bases the stones in each pack on the overarching attributes of each zodiac sign. Clear Quartz and Jasper are the stones most closely associated with Virgo. 

Characteristics and tendencies of a Virgo: In life, Virgos are practical and logical which contributes to them as well-grounded and thoughtful people. They tend to care deeply about helping people and animals and they receive joy from making others happy. Virgos take on responsibilities with a sense of seriousness, meaning they are extremely reliable. People who identify as a Virgo are inquisitive by nature and they often read into details.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz, also known as Crystal Quartz, is a stone that is associated with Virgo for its healing properties and energy transmitting abilities. This master healing stone can be anywhere from transparent and clear to a white color and it comes in many shapes and sizes. This stone not only amplifies the energy of all other stones but the energy poured into it will flow back out ten times as strong. The clear/white color of this stone promotes a clear mind and a balanced soul. 

As people who love to help others, Virgos might use the healing properties of Clear Quartz as an aid in their process of assisting others. The stone will amplify their meaningful intent towards others using its energy transmitting abilities. While the inquisitive nature of a Virgo is a positive attribute, they can sometimes become bogged down by the details. The clear faces of Crystal Quartz will help bring Virgos back to center by wiping their minds of all the distractions and guiding them back to a balanced state. 

Jasper: The Jasper stone is associated with Virgo because of its supreme nurturing abilities and its grounding affect which keeps one close to earth's properties. Jasper comes in a wide variety of shades, colors, and patterns so intricate that they may not be recognizable as Jasper. Even so, Jasper can most commonly be recognized by its deep red color that ranges between bright red to red brown. This is a stone that protects and nurtures, taking care of the soul when someone is in need of a warm and welcoming presence. Jasper's grounding abilities prioritize earthly energy. 

Being earth signs, Virgos can use Jasper to sustain their truest form and remain constant in who they really are because of Jasper's aptitude at grounding one into earth's vitalities. Jasper will protect Virgos from their own critical judgments while keeping their analytical nature positively generated instead. Since Virgo's are often pouring themselves into others, this stone can help restore that inner power and re-energize their mind and soul. 

Zodiac Collection, Virgo mini stone pack

Think about buying the Virgo mini stone pack from the Zodiac Collection sold at Hot Rags! This mini pack includes both Clear Quartz and Jasper and will exceed your Virgo needs. 

Please refer to the Hot Rags website to view all of the mini stone packs from the Zodiac Collection. 

Written by: Olivia Callaway


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