Book Vinyl Me, Please

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Book Vinyl Me, Please is a 256 page book with 120 color photgraphs and illustrations. Brought to you by the subscription club of the same name, Vinly Me, Please: 100 Albums You Need in Your Collection is a vibrant visual guide to curating must-have records for any music lover's shelf. Celebrating artists as varied and influential as Bikini Kill, Aretha Franklin, Wilco and beyond, each entry includes an album's artwork, a short essay from a contributing music writer, and further suggestions to help you expand your taste and build you collection. This sleek compendium even includes recipes for possible cocktail pairings to complete your listening experience. Perfect for both new collectors and die-hard wax-spinners, Vinyl Me, Please revels in the album as art form and exudes the style, expertise and passion that all crate-diggers share.