Game Awkward Silence

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Game Awkward Silence

Can you restrain yourself whilst being accused of the unthinkable?

the aim of this game is all in the name, stay silent whilst one of your "so called" friends calls you out. If you do manage to bite your tongue until the next accuser's turn, the card becomes yours to keep (think of it as a badge of honor). The person with the most cards at the end becomes the awkward silence champion! 


  1. Shuffle the two decks of cards together amd place in one pile.  
  2. The player with the best bum goes first (all players must decide together), picks up the pointer and picks a card. 
  3. The player must read the card aloud and then choose which of the other players the card relates to most. Using the pointer the player then points at that person. If the accused manages to stay completely silent until the next accuser picks up their card, then the accused collets the card. If the accused does not manage to stay silent then the card is won by the accuser.
  4. If you're lucky enough to collect a "free pass" this can be held onto and used at anypoint in the game to get yourself out of an awkward situation. If you choose not to play your "free pass" it counts as 2 cards once the game has finished.
  5. At the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most cards and no friends.