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Game Where's The Money

"Where's the money, Lebowski?"

Thats a loaded question, dude, and there are many more creative, personal and open-ended questions you'll answer in this hilarious game inspired by The Big Lebowski. Whether you have seen the cult classic 0, 1 or 100 times, your enjoyment level and chance of winning are not an issue. It's just a game man, enjoy!


  1. Read aloud from one of the 180 Lebowski-inspired Loaded Questions, including "Who might someone mistake you for?" (After all, The Big Lebowski is a movie about mistaken identity...and a rug...and bowling...and much more.)  
  2. All other players write a personal answer on their answer sheets, which are collected and read aloud by the player to your right. There are no wrong answers!
  3. After hearing all of the answers, choose your favorite and match which player said which answer. Collect money for answer you match correctly. The player who wrote your favorite answer also collects money. The player who collects the most money after three rounds wins the game.