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We're still brick and mortar! Stop by one of our 8 Chicagoland hotRAGS locations today! New products hit our store every week and the best way to get dibs is to stop in! Our associates are ready to answer your questions or offer suggestions. You can smell the scents of our incense and candles, you can't beat that!

Shop Name Brands

Amethyst Stones

The amethyst stone is not only one of the most popular stones sold at Hot Rags but it is also one of the most popular stones in the world, having been cherished by generations.

Zodiac Collections

What's your sign? How do you show it off? Did you know people who identify as a Virgo are inquisitive by nature and they often read into details.


While the classic scent of Nag champa can simply be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, its primary use is meditation or creating a spiritual, sacred atmosphere.

Established in 1993, HotRags has been serving the Chicagoland area with funky products! We pride ourselves on our unique selection of unique gifts, trendy outfits, and everything else you can't find anywhere else!