Crystal Info 

AGATE: Color: White to gray, light blue, orange to red, black, Multicolored in banded form. Sometimes iridescent. Colors are influenced by changes of pressure, temperature, and mineral content 

What it does: Offers protection and strength, and enhances intellect & concentration. Useful for travelers, artists, & students. Believed to be third eye and to be a powerful healer. 

AMAZONITE: Color: Light green to deep green, blue-green, mint-green. The source of the strong green color is believed to be a result of small amounts of lead and water within in the stone. 

What it does: Associated with truthful communication. Can reduce stress and anxiety. Enhances intuition, psychic powers, creativity, & intellect.  

AMBER: Color: Yellow to orange, golden. Yellow amber is fossilized tree resin (not sap).  

What it does: A powerful healer, and cleanser of the body, mind & spirit. May help with depression and mental sluggishness. Encourages creativity, and soothing of the heart. 

AMETYHST: Color: Light to dark purple, violet, light pink, sometimes banded with purple & white lines.  

What it does: Meditative and calming. Increases intuition and psychic powers. Considered effective against addictions. Eases headaches, brings inner peace, and sobriety.  

AMMOLITE: Color: Gray to brown, with primarily red to green iridescence. Opal- like in shades of green and red.   

What it does: Special connection to earth energy. It may bring good luck, prosperity, and can make miracles happen. Associated with fertility & birth. 

AQUAMARINE: Color: Greenish blue to blue.  

What it does: Calming and soothing stone has been a good luck talisman since ancient times. Associated with safe travel, inspirational, and hopeful. Brings clarity and wisdom to thoughts and their expression in speech.  

AVENTURINE: Color: Most commonly light to dark green. Also occurs in brown, orange, yellow, blue or gray 

What it does: Prosperity, leadership qualities, and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Calms anger and irritation. Protects against poor decision making. Encourages perseverance. Balances male/female energies. 

AZURITEColor: Blue to very dark blue. Doesn’t weather well and can lose its deep blue color when exposed to the elements.  

What it does: Healing properties include liver stimulant, aid to detoxification, brain and nerve stimulation, thyroid gland support. Brings focus and clarity. Used to intensify medication, promotes mental alertness and memory. Good crystal for the elderly. 


Color: Light green to emerald green, light to deep sky-blue, blue-green, yellow, pink, purple, red, orange, brown, colorless, white, gray.  

What it does: Used for Asthma, eye problems, and liver health. Helps to balance eating disorders. For stress relief, depression, and stimulates creativity & mind function.  

BLOODSTONE: Color: Base color usually solid green often with uneven lighter and darker green zones with red inclusions.  

What it does: Intense healing.  Known as “Stone of Courage”. Talisman for good health and longevity that brings good fortune, and prosperity. Protects against aggression and threats. Boosts energy levels and brings mental clarity.  

BLACK ONYX: What it does: Absorbs negativity, protects from harm, encourages self-control, and all sorts of abstention. 

BLACK STONE: What it does: Repeals negativity and encourages perseverance. One of the jaspers.  

BLUE LACE AGATE: Color: Light blue bands in a lacy or wavy pattern.  

What it does: Considered stone of peace, hope, ecology, truth, and noble ideals in general. Brings courage and determination. Healing stone against headaches and joint pains. 

CALCITE: Color: Colorless, white, yellow, brown, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, and green, gray, black. Multicolored or banded.  

What it does: An aid in memory and to enhance learning abilities. May increase good fortune and luck.  

CARNELIAN: Color: Red, orange.  

What it does: Known as a stabilizing stone that restores vitality, brings motivation and enhances creativity. Determination, success, and ruler ship. Treats lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression and stimulates sexuality.  

CHRYSOCOLLA: Color: Sky-blue to greenish blue and green, often streaked with black.  

What it does: Gives confidence to voice and speech. Brings clarity to the decision to speak or remain silent. Provides soothing and calming energy to avoid harsh and angry words. Excellent talisman stone.  

CHRYSOPRASE: Color: Many shades of green but more on the light side. When the green is darker the stone is Prase.  

What it does: Enhances many positive notions such as hope, joy, compassion, understanding, success and happiness.  

CITRINE: Color: Yellow to golden or orange. Non-natural citrine has a reddish tint.  

What it does: Believed that it brings success, prosperity, and abundance, especially in business. Steadies the nerves, clearing thoughts, communication, warmth, cheer, and realizations of one’s higher self.  

CORAL: Color: White, red, orange, pink, gray, black. 

What it does: Traditional gift for expectant mother or a newborn as a protective amulet. Lives in the water element it is associated with feeling and emotion. Been used extensively worldwide for throat and lung ailments, protection from evil, and to help bring balance between the physical and emotional bodies.   

DIAMOND: Color: Typically yellow, brown or gray to colorless. Less often blue, green, black, translucent white, pink, violet, orange, purple & red.  

What it does: ‘The Stone of Love’ promotes creativity, ingenuity, and alternative solutions to problems. The stone helps to endure and sustain great efforts. It brings power and resolve to the self.  




EMERALD: Color: Green to emerald-green to colorless. 

What it does: ‘Stone of Good Luck and Beauty’ is associated with royalty. Encourages steady love, attracts prosperity, helps to calm and light emotions. 

FLUORITE: Color: Colorless, white, purple, blue, red, pink, orange, yellow, brown, green, gray, and black. Multicolored and banded.  

What it does: Imparts balance, symmetry, order and progress. Promotes intelligent choices & intuitive decisions. Useful in opening and healing the spirit. Aids learning, concentration, mediation.  

GARNET: Color: Virtually all colors but blue is very rare. Occurring in deep reds to purple red. 

What it does: Brings out the best qualities and makes an individual attractive to the opposite sex. Stimulates devotion and passion to friends and lovers. Works on the senses and heightens awareness, motivation, and confidence. Brings fidelity, passion, faith, strength, determination. Good for renewal. 

HEMATITE: Color: Black, gray to silver gray, brown to reddish brown, red. Quite rusty and red inside when drilled.  

What it does: Has magnetic properties which helps ground and stabilize by creating a string connection to the Earth. Assists in bringing fancy thoughts and wishes down to practical reality. Represents firmness, strength, sticking to your principles, dedication, attraction, and achievement.  

HOWLITE: Color: White, colorless with gray markings. Sometimes dyed blue to use as an inexpensive turquoise substitute.  

What it does: Helps to overcome stress, depression and sadness. Heightens perception, sharpens memory and concentration. Use this gem to overcome insomnia, physical pain, and tooth and bone problems.  

JADEITE: “JADE” Color: Apple-green, emerald-green, bluish green, leek-green, greenish white, white; Red, lavender, black.  

What it does: Different colors associate with specific meanings. Black- Protection and introspection. Blue- Calming, peace-bringing. Promotes visions and dreams. Lavender- Eases depression and emotional stress. Red- Brings courage, good for women’s health and physical stress. Green- Long life, true love, wisdom, serenity, practicality.  

JASPER: Color: Brown, yellow, orange, red, green or blue. Usually multicolored or banded.  

What it does: Balances yin-yang energies, harmonizes physical, intellectual and emotional energy, protects from disease. Is meant to have direct contact with skin. Red- Increases sensitivity to planet, strengthens stamina, regulates metabolism. Yellow- Balances and tonifies intestinal organs, stomach, digestive tract. Green- Increases positive attitude and feeling of well-being. Brown- Encourages stability, security.  

 LABRADORITE: Color: White, gray, light blue, light green, pale orange-red, black, usually with a strong multicolored display of purple, blue and green.  

What it does: May magically clear away obstacles, protect and bring balance and clarity. Used to recall dreams and past lives. Also used to address eye problems and enhance digestion and metabolism. Encourages institution, inspiration, mental activities, opens consciousness.  

LAPIS LAZULI: Color: Light to deep blue, greenish-blue, violet-blue. Mottled with white calcite and brassy pyrite.  

What it does: Said to have magical properties improving awareness, wisdom, and creativity. Protects from physical and psychic dangers.  

MAGNETITE: Color: Black, gray with brownish tint in reflected sun.  

What it does: Symbolically the mysterious magnetic qualities of this gem attract friendship, love, prosperity, desire, and positive energy. Important stone for crystal healers because of its many uses.  

MALACHITE: Color: Bright green, dark green, blackish green, commonly banded in masses; green to yellowish green in transmitted light.  

What it does: Protects all travelers including those on astral and metaphysical paths. A good talisman stone for the protection of children. Some say that this stone has the ability to warn of imminent danger. Often used for carved objects. Stimulating for the mind and a good concentration stone to help fix one’s direction for success in practical material matters.  

MOONSTONE: Color: White, peach, gray, and clear stones. Moon-like lights changes with movement and illumination.  

What it does: Known as a soul stone, it’s considered to be excellent for expressing and attracting love & kindness.  

ONYX: Color: Mostly black but can be white blue, gray, or yellow. Often layered.  

What it does: Promotes self-control, steadfastness, and determination. Useful in times of confusion.  

OPAL: Color: Colorless, white, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, gray, brown, and black.  

What it does: Enhances imagination and creativity. Connected to the element of water. Good dream enhancer.  

PEARL: Color: White, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, purple, multicolored.  

What it does: In many folk healing systems. Connected to enhancing fertility. Bring happiness & good fortune.  

PERIDOT: Color: Yellow to yellow-green, olive green to brownish, sometimes a lime-green to emerald.  

What it does: Appreciated with a clear, calm mind. Can subtly break up mental blockages, fixed ideas, long-standing resentment & difficult obstacles in relationships.  

QUARTZ: Color: Colorless, purple, rose, red, black, yellow, brown, green, blue.  

What it does: Powerful healing stones. Absorbs, stores, reflects, amplifies, balance, and focus energy. Brings mental clarity & enhances the environment.  

RUBY: Color: Near colorless through pink and all shades of red to a deep crimson.  

What it does: Connected with strong emotions, love, passion, prosperity, and protection. Provides fresh energy, clarity of the mind, and a positive, adventurous attitude to life.  

SAPPHIRE: Color: Blue, colorless, yellow, green, pink, gray, black.  

What it does: Symbol of power and strength in the most positive and altruistic way, combing honesty and wisdom. Protects against negative influences, deceptions, and intrigues, and exposes lies.  




TIGER’S EYE: Color: Yellow, brown, multicolored:  

What it does: Provides confidence in one’s own ability to cope with life’s difficulties and struggles. Strengthens willpower and resolve while protecting the wearer and bringing luck.  

TOPAZ: Color: Blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, green, pink, and reddish pink.  

What it does: Encourages deeper investigation and the determination to find the truth of a situation or relationship. Takes into account physical and psychic energy, removing emotional blockages.  

TOURMALINE: Color: Commonly black, ranges from colorless, brown, violet, orange, blue, red, green, pink, or bi-colored.  

What it does: Deflects negative energy on all levels, physical and psychological. Neutralizes fear, anxiety, stress, & anger. Helpful in chaotic and seemingly hopeless situations.  

TURQUOISE: Color: Blue, blue-green, green.  

What it does: Benefits to everybody by protecting, energizing, bringing clarity, and understanding to men and women, young and old.