Lava stone is formed when molten rock, called magma, at the Earth’s core erupts to the surface and becomes known as lava. When lava is quickly cooled it forms a rock called basalt, also known as lava stone. It bubbles as it cools, making the rocks filled with holes. This makes the stone ideal for jewelry because it is lightweight and easy to thread. They are usually treated with wax to make them less rough and more comfortable to wear. Lava stones naturally come in black, grey, and brown, but can be dyed almost any other color. Lava stones have many metaphysical properties. They are usually used as a grounding stone, great for courage, strength, calming and reducing anger. They are also used as fertility stones, symbolizing rebirth.       

Due to the porous nature, lava stones make great essential oil diffusing jewelry. Diffuser jewelry is a wonderful alternative to regular diffusers. You get all of the benefits of essential oils for personal use instead of using an entire room diffuser. Lava stone diffusers also use much less oil than a traditional diffuser, making it a more financially responsible choice. Room diffusers are also not portable, whereas jewelry can be taken anywhere. Jewelry diffusers are a great alternative to perfumes. Most perfumes use harsh chemicals, organic essential oils are much safer to use and generally better for the environment. While you can apply most essential oils directly to your skin, it usually fades as the oil is absorbed. The scent lasts much longer on the stone, a couple of drops usually last an entire day. Lava stone jewelry is a great way to combine practicality and fashion. 

To use, simply place a drop or two off essential oil on the stone and rub in to saturate.