On This Day November 12th, in Music History.

On This Day November 12th, in Music History.

Madonna releases her album: "Like a Virgin." (1984)

That's right the material girl that everyone love's released her hit album today that featured just some of the classics like "Material Girl," followed by "Angel," "Like A Virgin," "Into The Groove," and "Dress You Up." Well this was her second studio album to be released, it quickly made its way to #1 on the US album charts! More importantly this album helped to certify she was not just another one hit wonder pop singer that would eventually fade out. This album than went on to become "Diamond Certified," a title it received after selling 10 million copy's! This album holds a very important part in music history, besides being daring and new it lead Madonna to create one of the most memorable MTV moments ever. At the first Video Music Awards ceremony Madonna burst out of a wedding cake, wearing a wedding dress accompanied with a "Boy Toy" belt. As she starts to sing her hit and get's lost in the music, she sways around the stage as she belts out "Make me strong, yeah you make me bold." Well she didn't take home any awards that night, "Like a Virgin," soon became #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 where it remained at the top for six week!


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