Moon Vibe Incense - New Moon - Lavender and Sandalwood

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These incenses are perfect for helping you to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that you love to come home and relax in! As the smoke will slowly start to fill the room you will feel yourself unwind from a long day. Once you light the end of the incense stick it will slowly start to burn down until it distinguishes itself. Most incense sticks can burn for 40-60 minutes.

This incense contains 30 incense sticks and a wooden holder.

Magical Elements Incense uses only the highest quality of fragrances and a proprietary ingredient to keep the fragrance smelling fresher, longer. Enjoy the serenity of these blissful scents. 


Crescent Moon – Rose

Waning – Ylang Ylang

Waxing - Sage Cedar

Full Moon - Pine Knot

New Moon - Lavender & Sandalwood

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