The amethyst stone is not only one of the most popular stones sold at HotRAGS but it is also one of the most popular stones in the world, having been cherished by generations. The word amethyst originates from the Greek word amethystos which translates to sober. This translation carries out the notion that amethyst promotes a firm, sober mindset. This stone comes in shades and hues of purple, a color that symbolizes peace, purity, and calm. Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family, and it is the birth stone of February, making it the official stone for the Zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces that fall within the February month. 

Spiritual meanings: 

Amethyst is known to be a stone of divinity that has abilities to connect one with a deeper sense of spirituality. The stone can ward off evil thoughts and natural amethysts are connected to the third eye and crown chakras. Some believe that the third eye acts as an energy center that dominates one's mind and one's psychic interrelation. The connection that amethyst obtains to the third eye and crown chakras might help stabilize the mind and the body while allowing you to get in touch with your intuition. Amethyst also has the ability to help you tap into a greater wisdom through a better sense of understanding. This can initiate better decision making in difficult situations.  

Benefits and Abilities: 

Amethyst is associated with grace, understanding, serenity, and trust. Along with these associations, this stone has healing properties that defend against the negative energies you face as well as the ones you might carry within yourself. Additionally, amethyst helps alleviate anxiety and acts as a natural sedative to eliminate rage while managing fears and anger. This stone eases sadness and grief and it can lead the mind to a peaceful place by assisting it with free-flowing thoughts. The amethyst is perfect for those who struggle with depression or anxiety because is diffuses negativity and purifies the body of any existing toxins.  

Amethyst Care: 

It is always important to take proper care of your amethysts and make sure they are fully charged in order to get the best results out of them. Avoid leaving your amethyst in the water or sun for too long to keep them from getting damaged or faded. To recharge your stone, place it in a bowl of dry salt away from any nearby water. Let the stone sit in direct sunlight for anywhere between 30 minutes to four hours. The sunlight will help supercharge your stone. After you have completed this task, run your amethyst under cool, filtered water and let it air dry after setting it on a towel.  


HotRAGS Amethysts: 

HotRAGS features an array of different amethysts that are all pure and natural.HotRAGS is currently selling amethysts as necklaces, in small stone packs, in sage bundles, with candles, and as plain stones. The largest amethyst carried by HotRAGS is a four-foot stone with a beautiful geode in the center. This stone is sure to bring forward its maximum clarifying and purifying benefits. Some ofHotRAGS smaller amethysts are about hand sized or slightly smaller. These glistening purple stones form into points or sit in large clusters to make for eye catching decor along with all of their spiritual and healing properties that go with them.  Shop our Amethyst Collection!