Everything You Need to Know about HotRAGS Nag Champa 

HotRAGS carries a wide array of Nag champa products that range from the original scent to a strain of many other scents that include, lavender, jasmine blossom, and rose. In addition to the many different scents of Nag champa that the store carries, there are strains of Nag champa incense that are crafted to specifically target stress more deeply. These incense aid in meditation, relaxation, stress relief, harmony, and more.  
Towards the bottom of this article, you will find a product listing for all of the Nag champa products that HotRAGS sells; cones, candles, simmer oils, and all.  

Before you stock up on our Nag champa products, you might be wondering what Nag champa is and where the heck it comes from. HotRAGS buys Nag champa from the Shrinivas Sugandhalaya company based all the way in India. This company has been manufacturing their SATYA incense since the late 70’s when Nag champa became extremely popular in America. They named their incense and champa products after a world-famous guru named Satya Sai Baba from India. It is this name that you will find on all or most HotRAGS champa products.   

While the classic scent of Nag champa can simply be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, its primary use is meditation or creating a spiritual, sacred atmosphere. The spiritual and meditative effect of Nag champa is likely the reason why Shrinivas chose to use Satya’s name for their brand of champa. Monks have used Nag champa incense in their Buddhist and Hindu monasteries because it purifies any environment. Furthermore, the slow burning stick allows a lot of time for the mind and body to relax, reflect, and connect to an inner peacefulness. The ingredients of Nag champa, and champa incense specifically are what make its abilities as strong as they are.  

Nag champa is made up of two main ingredients. These ingredients are sandalwood oil, and most importantly, Magnolia champaca. While the sandalwood oil adds to the woody scent of Nag champa, it is predominantly the fragrant yellow flower of the Magnolia champaca (champak in English) that gives Nag champa its aroma. The champak tree is grown in India, which is why champa originated there and why it continues to be made there. The Sandalwood oil can be paired with other saps and resins like pine and cedar to create the slow burn of the incense and candles. The hand rolled Nag champa Incense from HotRAGS can burn for up to 45 minutes to an hour while the traditional herbs in the champa backflow cone create a thicker smoke that waterfalls down the cone rather than drifting up the way other cones burn. The champak flower can be mixed with numerous other scents such as cinnamon, lavender, black pepper, or saffron to initiate its distinctive and alluring smell that is loved by so many. Sandalwood has the ability to exterminate toxic energy and cleanse its environment. Overall, Nag champa continues to be one of the most popular scents around because it promotes tranquility and a positive state of mind.  

Now that you are educated on all that is Nag champa, you might feel compelled to create your own peaceful space where you can be free to relax and allow your mind to reflect. With Nag champa, you can create this sort of space in the comfort of your own home and HotRAGS has all the Nag champa products you will ever need to make this space a success!  

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